Images Courtesy of Image Comics

Sometimes one picture and a title is all you need in order to pick up a comic book from your comic book store. You don’t need to know anything else about the book, as long as those two things are appealing to you, there’s at least a fifty percent chance you’re going to like the book! Today, that book is Bear Pirate Viking Queen!

“Bestselling epic fantasy miniseries Bear Pirate Viking Queen, by award-winning storyteller Sean Lewis (King SpawnThumbs) and talented newcomer artist Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, will be fully collected in a new trade paperback, hitting shelves in August from Image Comics

The epic fantasy is a tale of the sea, of Pirates, Vikings, Queens, and bears, warring with each other and trying to assert dominance over the past and future of the world. Beautiful, poignant, and daring—readers embark on the adventure of a lifetime with a story by masterful writer Lewis and with mind-blowing hand-painted watercolor art by Barravecchia, resulting in a book unlike anything you’ve read. The first issue, a breakout hit, immediately sold-out at the distributor level and was rushed back for a second printing. Fans will now have the ability to read the whole series from start to finish in a brand new volume.

“At this point in my career my goal has been to make books where each one is a swing at the canon of books I worshipped as a kid. From this source of inspiration, I wanted to make a book that was undeniably beautiful, full of myth and depth, that was unlike anything I had seen or done before,” said Lewis. “This book is our shot across the water at everything we’ve ever loved about the comic book and graphic novel form, and we’re so excited to be able to share the full story with readers.”

“I’m thrilled to have Bear Pirate Viking Queen collected and presented as a trade. Sean and I made exactly the comic that we wanted to make with these issues—and to have that comic be a painted, meditative, meandering story about human nature is not without risk,” said Barravecchia. “To have such a positive response to the series has been amazing. We wanted to create a story that is as equally rewarding to read as individual issues as it is all collected, and I can’t wait to share this version with the world.””

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro