Are you a mecha fan? This story from hero Duke Fleed is an extension of the Grendizer world! If you’re a fan of the manga, then you’re definitely going to want to reach out to your local comic book store and make sure it’s in your hold slot!

“Based on the 1970s cult classic, UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER! Written by Xavier Dorison, with art by Denis Bajram, Brice Cossu, Alexis Sentenac, and Yoann Guillo.

Duke Fleed’s story continues in this long-awaited sequel to the seminal Mazinger mecha franchise!

The war between the forces of Vega and Grendizer is but a distant memory. But from the confines of space, the RUIN DIVISION emerges with the most powerful Saucer Beast: THE HYDRAGON!

Under siege, pilot Duke Fleed has no choice but join the fight and reawaken the MIGHTY ROBOT GRENDIZER or risk the world he once fought so hard to protect.

#1 is on sale September 4, 2024.”

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro