Fascinating Folklore

Images Courtesy of Liminal 11

If you’re a fan of folklore, then you should definitely check out “Fascinating Folklore,” coming out of Liminal 11, from PJ Holden and John Reppion! It promises to be an informative and fun book, emanating from a popular folklore hashtag on X. The cover to the book is absolutely gorgeous, and we know the interiors are going to follow suit!

“Crafted by the masterful minds of two comic world luminaries, John Reppion and PJ Holden, this endeavour began as a creative pact between the pair, ignited by the ever-popular #folklorethursday hashtag, that swiftly blossomed into an extraordinary compendium, showcasing the magic of folklore like never before!

Rich and informative essays dance hand in hand with breathtaking comics, offering a sensory feast and an unparalleled pathway into the enchanting realm of folklore that might just leave you spellbound!

Learn about the legends of Boudicca and Beowulf, the enthralling world of plantlore, where Mandrake, Willow, and Yedua whisper secrets of ancient wisdom and tales of haunting ghosts like Okiku, the Wandjing spirits of Western Australia, and the resolute deity Anteros, guardian of slighted love! “

If you’re a folklore fan then make sure that you take advantage of the preorder HERE!

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro