GUMAA: The Beginning of Her

Images Courtesy of Titan Comics

Titan Comics is proud to announce that it will be publishing Jeehyung Lee’s neo-noir series, GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER.  After gaining popularity on Kickstarter, this seven-part thriller will finally be available in comic shops from December 2023. GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER marks the original comic debut of superstar cover artist Jeehyung Lee, who has worked for the likes of Marvel Comics and DC.

GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER takes place in a 1980s, crime-ridden Hell. When young KHALIDA attempts to escape from an influential and sinister drug syndicate, she discovers an ancient blade in a long-abandoned temple. Using its power, Khalida becomes the GODDESS OF THE CITY, controlling the citizens through dark magic and fear.

But events are being manipulated against her from the shadows, targeting Khalida. A final action-packed confrontation will reawaken the ancient war and change the balance of power between HEAVEN AND HELL… FOREVER.

GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER is perfect for fans of edgy, supernatural stories. From its short time on Kickstarter, the series has already picked up a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase.  Among them is multi-Eisner winning comic writer, James Tynion IV (Joker War, Something is Killing the Children, The Department of Truth), who calls GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER “an urban fantasy, laced with horror and noir, brought to incredible life with Jeehyung’s phenomenal artwork”.

Jeehyung Lee himself promises readers a series with both depth and excitement: “When you’re reading GUMAA, I hope you’re thinking about the choices these characters make, and whether you might do things the same way or do things totally different. The way these characters navigate their path through these horrific events is what makes them who they are”.

The debut issue of GUMAA: THE BEGINNING OF HER hits comic shops on December 6, 2023, with covers by Peach MomokoSozomaikaBen Oliver, and Jeehyung Lee. Fans can pick up a copy from their local comic shop and Forbidden Planet for UK & Europe.

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro