Morbius Trailer Tomorrow!

There has been a little commotion concerning the film produced by Columbia Pictures, in association with Marvel, and distributed by Sony Pictures! Directed by Daniel Espinosa, we got our first look at the Spider-Man villain, Morbius, just a few days ago!!

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Are you looking forward to this Jared Leto, starring movie? This is the second in the Sony Marvel Universe! As good as the leaked photo looks, this might be the forgiveness that fans are looking for, for the sad version of Joker, by Jared Leto! Well, if we’re to believe Tyrese Gibson, who plays Simon Stroud (an FBI agent), then the Morbius trailer is coming tomorrow!

Are you all excited to see another Marvel property, coming out of Sony? Well, releasing July of 2020, tomorrow we will get our first look, and I’m sure there will be reactions on both sides of the fence!!