The O.Z. Kickstarter

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Are you a fan of Mad Max? Are you a fan of The Wizard of OZ? Well, The O.Z. might be the book for you, as it seems to be a blend of both worlds! David Pepose, who we’ve had on the show before, for Spencer & Locke, leads the team for this awesome project! David is the writer, Ruben Rojas is the artist, Whitney Cogar is the Colorist, and DC Hopkins is the letterer! The O.Z. is on Kickstarter RIGHT now!! Check it out, and give it a pre-order, to also get some fun goodies!

“THE O.Z. follows Dorothy Gale’s granddaughter and namesake, a disillusioned Iraq war veteran who is swept up by a tornado and dropped into the war-torn land of Oz. Now leading the Resistance against the Scarecrow’s regime, Dorothy must join forces with the Tin Soldier, the Prince of Lions and Jack Pumpkinhead if she hopes to locate the all-powerful Silver Slippers and bring peace to the Occupied Zone… or as the locals call it, The O.Z.”

“We are incredibly thrilled for The O.Z. to make its long-awaited return to Kickstarter,” said series writer David Pepose. “Thanks to the overwhelming support of more than 1,200 backers in our last campaign, we’re excited to pull the curtain back and lead our Yellow Brick Road Warriors through even more of our dangerous and sweeping fantasy world. If you’re a fan of L. Frank Baum’s iconic Wizard of Oz mythology, you’ll love our action-packed twist with The O.Z.”  

THE O.Z.’s Kickstarter will fund the series’ 44-page second issue, with early bird specials and catch-up tiers available for those who missed the first campaign”