Image Subject to Copyright. All Rights Reserved to Original Owner. Y: The Last Man was a comic book that we spoke about on the show, a while ago, created by Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk Brian K Vaughn and Pia Guerra. When we heard the news that it was going to be converted into a television show, it was obviously something that we were all pretty excited about, and I don’t think that it disappointed when it hit our TV screens about a month ago. It was something that we again, spoke about on the show, when it hit FX on Hulu, but has been ABRUPTLY cancelled before the ending of it’s first season!

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Buy Diazepam 20 Mg There are a few different rumors floating out there, as to why this show got the axe prematurely, and like everything right now, the biggest blame seems to rest squarely on the shoulders of the pandemic. Apparently, the show was having a really hard time finding a suitor, until FX on Hulu showed interest, but couldn’t find the right pilot. Then, once they found the right pilot/cast, Buy Diazepam 30 Mg FX decided for one reason or another, that the old show runner wasn’t right, and they parted ways. THEN, all was good with everything moving forward, until the pandemic shut everything down.

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watch Fast forward to now, when the show has been ready to hit TV’s for a long time (in TV time), and you get into the stickiness of contract. Essentially, as the rumor goes, the clock on most of the cast’s contracts, was coming to an end, and FX need to make a decision on the second season, before October 15th, which was unfortunately before the first season could end. So, instead of opting to extend everyone’s contracts, which rumor has it, would have been around a three million dollar hit, they decided to just cancel the show all together. Unfortunately for those of us who have been enjoying the show, it seems like this was a decision of circumstance, instead of performance. But, you never know, maybe a different network will pick it up, and we’ll figure out the answer to Y The Last Man!