Fan Expo Denver – Reunited FINALLY!

Barbara Dunkelman - AC Canales

It’s been a LONG two years, but it’s finally time to get back in the saddle of comic con’s again! It’s been since the summer of 2019 after Comic Con International since we have visited any type of comic con. We know what has happened since that time, and I think we can all agree that it was a good idea to take a step back for a little bit, and being back on that showroom floor Fan Expo Denver felt like we were moving back into some kind of normalcy!

The first day of ANY comic con is always tough because you never know what you’re going to get from each and every show! BUT, the first day, after a two year hiatus, is especially more nerve racking! I arrived about an hour before the show had officially opened, as was specified for all of the press, but it’s always a good idea to get to comic con’s early, generally because of the LONG lines. But I arrived to find that the wait to get into the show was rather short. Now, that might be because the show, being a “special edition” was only at 75% capacity, or it could be because the new team (Fan Expo) is just that much more efficient than past teams? Whatever it was, it was a welcome sight!

Upon my easy entrance to the showroom floor, everything seemed to be rather normal. The only difference was that everyone was wearing masks on their face, a small sacrifice to try and have some fun that we’ve been missing for a while, but everything else seemed to be just like the old days. People were in costume. Friends were reuniting after a long absence from each others lives, and people were just having fun. Almost immediately I rant into awesome artist Saro Hang, and then “Get off my Lawn” himself, Randy! I also got to chat and catch up with Jon, the owner at Hall of Justice Comics & Collectibles!

Not only did I get to catch up with some old friends and BUT we also were able to do our first, in person interview, in almost two years! Friend of the show, AC was able to sub in as a guest interviewer for the day, to speak with RWBY star, Barbara Dunkelman! That interview will be coming ASAP as part of our Fan Expo Denver coverage!

MANY MANY thanks go out to AC for helping our team out in a pinch, and you should definitely go by his booth!! He’s got some amazing artwork, and prints for sale! BUT, he also has a few comic books for sale, that are his own creations! Get them while they’re still there, because word is, his comic books have been going fast!!

I’d definitely rate the first day of Fan Expo Denver, as a success! Was it as full as years past? Probably not. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor was it expected. I think everyone came into Fan Expo with a little bit of caution, and timid expectations, as it’s Colorado’s first con in a long time! But seeing everyone happy, dress up, and excited for the rest of the weekend just brings back a lot of old memories. If Saturday is anything like Friday, though I hear that all the Saturday tickets are gone so it should be much busier, than this weekend is bound to be a TON of fun!! We hope to see the rest of you there this weekend!!