The History of Science Fiction

Image subject to copyright. Courtesy of Humanoids -History of Science Fiction-

You’ve made it this far, with hopefully a little bit of knowledge about our show! If that’s the case, then you know that we are all really big fans of science fiction! Good, bad, it doesn’t matter, we want to consume it all, and then talk about it! That’s why we’re excited about what is coming out from Humanoids! By author/historian Xavier Dollo and illustrator Djibril Morissette-Phan! “For the first time in illustrated form, this comprehensive history of science fiction traces its origins and, in fascinating detail, charts its history from its beginnings as a “schlock” genre to its respected status today. “

“Who is considered the world’s first science fiction author? How did American science fiction begin? What sci-fi novel is the all-time best-seller? What were the “Pulps”—and how did they predict with uncanny accuracy the 21st century world around us? The answers are here, along with detailed chapters dedicated to the founders of the genre and their modern-day successors.

Journey through time and space with this graphic novel history of the science fiction genre, from Jules Verne, Jonathan Swift, and Mary Shelley to William Gibson and Philip K. Dick to Ken Liu and Ted Chiang, and beyond. Trace the progress of SF through modern times and learn why key figures and inventors like Thomas Edison and Elon Musk have looked to science fiction to predict the future. Discover the origins of your favorite page-to-screen science fiction movies. Marvel at the behind-the-scenes stories of some of literature’s most imaginative writers. Find out why science fiction so effortlessly captures our imaginations and makes us dream of new worlds.”

What we love about this newest novel, is how it is presented! As stated, this isn’t just a mash of a bunch of different facts, that read more like a stat sheet you’d find for a sporting event, but it’s a much deeper dive into the actual events that we hold dear in science fiction!

Don’t miss out on your chance, not only to find out a little bit more about one of our favorite genre’s, but to do it with a beautiful 8 X 11 hardcover! Humanoids releases The History of Science Fiction on November 23rd 2021, so go get your copies!!