Day 3 wrap up Denver Comic Con by Gabe

go to site Day Three – Are We There Yet? By Gabe LLanas @xraystyle Day three really starts with end of day two. A restaurant meet up with the Colorado Comic Book Enthusiasts. A time to unwind and have fun with some of our friends who have also been working their asses off, and/or running around the con all day. Dinner at Tom’s Urban and then the long ride home to sit in front of a computer and work. Sleep, and then out the door. But you knew that from the previous article… Barely awake Juan arrives at the house. We pour coffee and head out the door. The sleep deprivation feels like a hangover around my shoulders. Feet ache, head pounds, the drive is done awake, but in a blur of hurried internet research because I know that the instant we hit the con floor there will be nothing. source url Entry is smooth. Unlike yesterday. Small blessings from Crom I guess. Juan, Sophia and I trudge up to the table. Exhausted and tired. The instant I sit down I turn and say to Juan, “Why the fuck didn’t I have you stop at 7-11 and get some Red Bull.” enter Juan’s answer, “Ah fuck I knew I forgot something.” What we didn’t forget was our first interview. Z with Serenity Forge games. It has become clear to me that the theme of the con on the forth coming episodes will be that people want to use their art for something more than just a vehicle for creation. People are driven, they have purpose, and they have passion; that all point in one direction. Helping others. Z and Serenity Forge are no exception. His company makes games with an intention to help people. To make people feel happy, and give people perspective on life. Who would have thought that the medium that is often derided as the property of basement dwelling mouth breathers could be led by someone as thoughtful and fascinating as Z. Buy Diazepam Mexico   follow url   here   enter   go site   see url Next I had a serious fan girl moment. The chance to sit and talk to Scott Sigler is a life goal. A hero of mine as a podcaster, and as a writer, it was just plain the easiest interview to do. As a fellow podcaster he knew that as soon as the microphone was on, he had to be on. So from word one he was good and ready to talk. Telling us about the transition from self published to Del Rey. What it’s like to let go of his babies (books) and let someone else do the audio version of it and how sports can unite all people. He is after all a self-proclaimed rare breed of “JockNerd”. go   follow link   Buy Xanax Prescription Online   source url    
We then talked with Jason Salas the author of Sugar Skull Ghost Thief. Jason has an intense version of authorship that involves creating something that he calls a character bible. Where he asks his creation 130 some questions and then uses those answers to flesh out his characters (and to refer back to) as he writes. His passion for writing and creation is clear, and his transition from sequential art to novel writing seems seamless.

Finally our last panel. Creator owned comics featured Jim Mahfood, David Mack, Kyle Higgins, Jennifer Swartwood, and Brian Haberlin. The level of wisdom that was dispensed from some of the greats in creator owned comics was invaluable. It is hard to even put into this space all of the great things that were said about process and disciple that apply to literally anything creative that you want to accomplish. This panel is the icing on the cake of a great weekend.

Every year Con provides me with something that I don’t get day to day. That is the chance to really truly be something that I have always wanted to be. It gives me the opportunity to be creative. It gives me a chance to use my time in pursuing ideas, and words. To talk with people and to take in their stories. I love to listen, I love the talk and I love to tell others what I feel like I have learned at any given moment. Sometimes I know that I can be overwhelming, and seem like I am always overly energetic, but if I have learned anything from the last three years of recording at Con, it is that given the chance everyone wants to tell their story, everyone wants to express their idea, no matter how small it is, and the convention is a place that you can do that.
I’ve said it so many times that it is almost passe, but not quite. Con is the place where you get to be your favorite version of yourself. For some that may be accomplished by dressing up, by buying a piece of art that you love, or by shoving a microphone in someone’s face and getting them to tell you all about their passion.
This is my best self coming out, and saying, “Con (for all of it’s minor annoyances) was fantastic this year. This is just the podcast’s season opener and I don’t think I see anything but a winning record going forward.
Love from Thinking Outside the Longbox to all of you Freaks and Furries, Deadpools and Drag Queens, Ghostbusters and Gamers, Artists and Assholes, Friends and Family. If it weren’t for you, we would never do this.
One last time, this is Gabe LLanas on Denver Comic-Con.
The End.

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