Day 1 and 2 Denver Comic Con by Juan

Day 1 & 2 from Juan Muro
Day 1
The day starts with nerves, and a little bit of a hangover from the kickoff party that we had the night before, for Frankie Serna! Started to prepare my Preacher – Jesse Custer cosplay! I think I did a pretty good job! I figured that I’d probably wear the cosplay all three days, and then the boots that I wore all day, ended that debate! So, day 1 was the only cosplay, and I think I did pretty deent! Even got screamed at by a few exhibitors and guests!!

WOW, everything is backwards on the showroom floor and the entrances are a nightmare! These are my ONLY 2 small complaints of this awesome show!! Walking on the showroom floor for the first day is ALWAYS a geniunely amazing moment. I know on the inside that it’ll be a LONG 3 days, driving back and forth to the con, and home (1.5 hours) and walking around all day, but it never changes that first moment that you walk onto the showroom. There are no con-goers, and it’s so quiet, it’s just awesome
Unlike Gabe, I’m the newbie when it comes to comics, and comic creators. So just listening to interviews, and learning about people is an awesome experience for me. Our first interview was with Andy Mangels. He will be officiating the Unity Ceremony to close out the show. It will consist of 9 couples getting married by him! Definitely a touching moment to hear about him telling us the trials and tribulations of being openly gay in the industry. Also, great beard!!

After that we RAN over to the first panel that Gabe moderated. It was a “Diversity in Comics.” Alitha Martinez, and Georges Jeanty stole the show in this panel. They have VERY differing opinons on some sensitive topics! It was an amazing panel, and we setup a one on one interview with Alitha that came later!

We stayed in the same room, to do Gabe’s 2nd interview of the day, a “Spotlight on Ron Marz.” Becuase it was only Ron Marz, it was a much more intimate panel! Famous for Green Lantern, he tells us the story of how he came to create this character, and some of the crossover books that he did!

We spoke to a TON of exhibitors and vendors on the showroom floor for the first day as well! After all the “work” I was able to do a couple of amazing things that were just for me!! I have a “Lucille” bat that I bought as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con, and I have been getting any “The Walking Dead” character to sign it, so it can be framed in my nerdcave basement! Khary Payton stood and spoke with me for about 10 minutes, and signed “This is my m*otherf*cking bat” and he was amazing!

To end the day, I stood in line to get my exclusive “Free Comic Book Day” “Iron Fist” Funko Pop. He was cool, but the line came and went pretty quicly. He did say that Juan was one of his favorite names, which I had a hard time believing, and we had a good laugh at!

Day 2
My feet are KILLING me, so NO cosplay today or day 3. The lines still suck, but it’s ok today. We RAN to our first interview of the day, with Sebastian, from Stranger Comics. Niobe and Untamed look absolutely spectacular! They have taken the art on those books to the max!! Sebastian told us about the process of creating a Tolkien style environment, with a bigger set of characters!!

After that interview we jumpt right into an interview with author, John E Stith. His website is and makes beautiful science fiction stories. He tells us all about his ideas for AI, and our fear of it. We also talk about ideas that come from other sci-fi like Independance Day.

Our LAST scheduled interview was with Wendy Terrien, who writes about cryptozoological creatures. They’re a great mix of fantasy, magic, and monster books! She was very accommodating, and you could tell was absolutely in love with what she was creating!

We once more spoke with TONS of people on the showroom floor, and finished some spot interviews! After the “work” of day 2, I stood in some lines to get some fun things for myself!! First, very quick lines were for signatures from Caleb and Gaten from Stranger Things. They were super nice, but you can tell that these types of events weren’t the most comfortable for them. Quick conversation, but great kids!

After those, I RAN to the Millie Bobby Brown signature line, as they said she was leaving after this signature. I THINK she was getting ready to leave, because she was not really speaking to anybody, just signing and moving on. Not in a rude sense, but more of a rush. Which was fine, we exchanged a hi, thank you, and I went on my way.

All in all, the two days have been exhausting, but rewarding! TONS of content for the podcast, and a great show overall!! Hopefully the last day is a little more settled, and gives us more time to actually be at our booth!