Second Arc for Mirror

Second Arc for Mirror
By Gabe Llanas

So if you are like Juan and Jon you like to make fun of Gabe for not remembering names, or for confusing one writer or artist with another (Tom Brady for example). But if you like fantasy and creativity then you are like Gabe and love Emma Rios (and if you don’t I’m guessing it is because you just haven’t checked any of her stuff out yet). Her book Pretty Deadly and anthology book Island routinely knock my socks off (even the Furry issue of Island). Her fantasy collaboration with Hwei Lim, Mirror, is no exception.
Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written it is hard to go wrong with this book, so it is exciting to see that it will be going on for another story arc (not that one wasn’t expected with how permissive Image is with giving their artist creative license. A press release from image describes the second arc as, “…a half a century back from the events of the first arc. Fifty years before the human colony on Irzah took its first stumbling steps, in the utopian dreamlands of Synchronia, a young artist woke something—something that had long slept in ancient stone ruins.”
“I like stories that hold a few secrets,” said Ríos. “I like the invisible thread that seems to weave through the fabric, because it encourages me to figure out why the characters evolved one way and not another. For better or worse, the late Irzah colony now expands into a whole system of planets called The Synchronia. Full of secrets and ghosts, this old new world aims to reveal perhaps too much…but hopefully not!”
“As Emma and I worked with our cast of characters, we ended up wanting to know more about them—how they came to be where they are, what personal demons they sought to escape,” said Lim. “Most of all, though, we ourselves really wanted to know the fate of all our heroes—Zun, Sena, Elena, and the others—and to see who would help and who would thwart them on their journey to find a new home.”
Can’t wait to get on board with the next volume, and it will start coming out Wednesday (March 15th).