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Doctor Who Galore!!

Already made a post about some of the Doctor Who exclusives that would be making their way to San Diego Comic Con. This is going to be a straight up edition to that! Here are a bunch more items that are going to be at the BBC America booth!! I’m hoping to snag up one of the 13th Doctor Funko POPs myself!! Check out all the awesome items, and plan your trip accordingly!!

Exclusive to Comic-Con

·         Kawaii T-Shirt, Hoodie, & Mug

·         Alice Zhang T-Shirt

·         Thirteenth Doctor Superbitz

·         Thirteenth Doctor Funko POP!

·         Thirteenth Doctor Titan Figurine (6 ½”)

·         Thirteenth Doctor Kawaii Figurine (6 ½”)

·         Thirteenth Doctor Hillside Mug

·         Bioworld TARDIS Puffy Keychain

 Shop Exclusives

·         Doctor Who Stars Earrings

·         Doctor Who Insignia Earrings, Necklace, and Dog-tags

·         Rainbow Paint TARDIS Raglan

·         Kawaii Doctors T-Shirt

13th Doctor Figurine and Clothing Line

Are you ready for Jodie Whitaker to take on the mantle of the 13th Doctor!? I know that our crew is!! Having the first female take on the role of a Doctor is incredible, and probably should have happened sooner!! With the upcoming series coming soon, here are some figurines, and a clothing line to keep you occupied!

Doctor Who licensee Titan has produced two limited-edition 6.5” vinyl collectibles for the upcoming season: a Thirteenth Doctor TITAN, and a Thirteenth Doctor Kawaii TITAN, both of which will debut at SDCC 2018 in the BBC Shop at BBC AMERICA booth #4129 and at Titan Entertainment booth #5537.

From Funko, the Thirteenth Doctor Pop! will be available at SDCC 2018 in the BBC Shop at BBC AMERICA booth #4129 and at Funko booth #5341/5347, as well as in retail in both the U.S. and UK this fall.

A new Doctor also means new costumes and Her Universe is debuting the Thirteenth Doctor’s fashionable rainbow striped top, long coat, and blue trousers, which will be available at the Her Universe booth #1321 and later in the fall at Hot Topic stores in the U.S.

If you’re going to be in attendance, before/after you purchase your Doctor Who gear, make sure you ALSO hit up the Doctor Who panel! This is going to be happening Thursday, July 19 at 11:45am PT in Hall H!! Along with Jodie Whitaker will be Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, who play Ryan and Yasmin respectively, as well as award-winning series showrunner Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) and executive producer Matt Strevens (An Adventure In Space And Time). Do not miss the introduction of the newest Doctor!!

Colorado Springs Comic Con, First Timer

Day one wrap up, from a first timer… by Jeremiah Draughn
I walked in with only one goal in mind-get Scott Wilson to sign my SDCC headless Hershel pop! I was welcomed in by Juan from Thinking Outside the LongBox and ushered passed the entrance line, the line stretched across the front of the event center. Juan gave me a quick rundown of the layout and sent me out into the wild.
I spent the first hour wandering around and scoping out the venue, taking mental of the things I needed to buy. I was hunting for venom comic books and old, exclusive funko pops. I made my mental checklist and moved on to the celebrity area … then I saw Hershel(Scott Wilson), with his head of course. I jumped into his line and was waved over by his rep, paid for the autograph and waited my turn. When I got to him, I was hoping he would just sign the pop and move me through the line because I was so nervous. But then, when he started to talk to me, I realized, he’s just a normal person too. He asked me some generic questions about where I’m from and things like that and made me feel very comfortable. He signed my pop and that was that!

And then I wandered again…walking through the celebrity paddock, it was awesome to see all of them interacting with their fans. And next, I found myself passing Joe St. Pierre’s booth in the artist alley. I noticed him working on a venom sketch and I had to have it! Chatting with him, the sketch wasn’t sold yet so he told me to come back in 30 minutes to see the final product.
Back to wandering…I met up with Juan and Gabe to watch them interview vendors and artists. I photographed and helped document their interviews, but the anticipation of the sketch was killing me. I dragged them along with me back to Joe’s booth. The sketch was MARVELous!
The day wrapped up with us at the Judge Reinhold panel. It was enjoyable to hear stories of his experiences during his early years of Fast times at Ridgemont High and Beverly Hills Cop. And that was it! Oh…poison hot sauce is hot. Now it’s time for day two.

Not Even Beanie Babies Had Their Own Comic Book

Not Even Beanie Babies Had Their Own Comic Book

Gabe LLanas
The worlds of comic book and toy collecting often collide, but nothing quite on the level that Funko’s Pop Vinyls have taken it. Now a staple in every comic shop (and frankly just any where including Walgreens and 7-11), Funko has managed to infiltrate the collective mind of the consumer with its cutsy take on everything from Breaking Bad charaters to the Avengers. Now IDW is planing to release a Pop’s comic book.
For the month of May IDW will be presenting Funko Pop one shots of some of its most polpular titles: Ghostbusters, TMNT, X-Files, Strawberry Shortcake and Judge Dredd. This should be an interesting little forray into the world of cross collecting that IDW is clearly excited about.
“The marriage of IDW’s powerful storytelling ability with the exuberant style of the Funko brand is a perfect match and we can’t wait for fans everywhere to see what we’ve created!” said David Hedgecock, Editor-in-Chied of IDW.
As well as the one shots there will also be several titles that will have Pop Variants for covers in the month of may. It will be interesting to see if these will be hot collectors items with Funko completeists or comic collectors, or if the Funko brand has reached full market saturation. Only time will tell if the Pop will remain hot sellers and spawn a comic universe all their own or if they are slowly going the way of the Beanie Baby. At the very least we can prepare for cute overload in the month of May.