Jigsaw, you got me.
-Albie   TOTLB.com

Am I a fan of the Saw movies? Not really. Have I watched all the films? Yes. So maybe I am a fan, and I just didn’t realize it. I love a mystery and I was stumped until the very last moment.
Spoilers ahead…
I spent the first half of the movie trying to figure out who done it. I came to the conclusion that everyone did it, then no one did it, then I just gave up and enjoyed.
Jigsaw John Kramer is back! But how?!? I won’t tell you in even this spoiler review. Let’s just say that’s part of the mind fuck.
This time it’s personal. John Kramer punishes people who directly hurt him or someone he knew or cared about.  Dare I say these characters may have had it coming? All they have to do is admit what they did and take responsibility. Will they? Probably not. Bring on the latex and red Karo syrup.
A lot of gore, some violence, no nudity (one silicone nipple) but mostly just suspense then gross and repeat.
If you’ve seen the other saw movies, absolutely go see this one. If you are new to the franchise, I’d have a mini movie marathon before you watch this one.
3.5/5 stars 
An extra .5 for the novel approach to the concept of this installment.

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