Amazon Video Experience

San Diego, CA –  One of the great things that happen at San Diego Comic-Con is the external activations.  Throughout the entire Gaslamp District are several exhibits put together by different companies and one of the best this year came from Amazon Prime at they showcased their new shows Carnival Row, and The Boys as well as showcasing the upcoming season of The Expanse.

Entering into the activation you are confronted with a shimmering monolith topped with monitors showing off scenes from the television shows that they are showcasing.  You are also given several coins that are currency within the activation allowing you the opportunity to purchase things around the activation. The main thrust of the activation are the three shows that you can interact within the area, one for each of the shows.

The Expanse and Carnival Row each have a ten to fifteen minute acted out experiences, but we are going to focus on The Boys.  Based on the black comedy/superhero comic book from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the Amazon Prime show looks like it is the kind of crazy and hilarious that we tend to find entertaining.

Out of nowhere the group that is at the front of the line is getting yelled at to get into the building and The Boys experience is off to the races.  Through a combination of storytelling, great acting, and escape room style puzzles you are trying to solve a short mystery. Your group has the world explained to you, giving you the chance to learn that superheroes aren’t everything that they are cracked up to be.  By the time you have reached the end, you are chanting Fuck Supes along with everyone else. It should be noted that both The Expanse and The Boys are Mature-rated shows and so are both of their experiences.

Amazon has put on a killer show this year, and if the shows within the activation are any indication of how the shows will be, this may be the year that Amazon Prime becomes a more prominent streaming service.