Stephen Chow Confirms Kung Fu Hustle 2 Is Coming!

Here’s the deal.  You may not be as excited about this as I am, but that is just because you maybe haven’t had a chance to see this comedy kung fu classic!

This 2004 Stephen Chow action comedy takes place in a fantasy China where the notorious Axe Gang wants to take over a tenement slum run by The Landlady.  The residents of the slum have a secret though, magic Kung Fu powers!  If it sounds crazy, it is.  If it sounds hilarious, it is.  Even better, the fight scenes are amazing, and as a consequence, it has developed quite the cult following.

According to M.A.A.C.:

“During his recent promo interview for The New King Of Comedy, Chow revealed that  Kung Fu Hustle 2 is officially in the works. He will direct and possibly cameo in the film after the Mermaid sequel is complete. However, it would not be a traditional sequel but more of a spiritual follow-up that actually takes place in modern day.”

If you haven’t seen the original, get off your ass and check it out!