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It’s that time of the week again, to visit something from our distant, sometimes much more distant past! For this one, we are traveling all the way back to the YEAR 2000!! It was a British comedy, and a bit of a different type of film than we are used to seeing from Guy Ritchie! 

Of course, we’re talking about the movie with a stacked cast, Snatch. When I say stacked, I mean it, as it stars; Jason Stathom, Brad Pitt, Lennie James, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones, Benicio Del Toro, and MORE! This movie is the story of two two different plots! One of the plots has to do with the search for a stolen diamond, and the other plot has to do a small time boxing promoter under the thumb of a gangster! This is one of those strange movies, that is just too funny, that you might not notice it’s silliness! Make sure you take the time, to take a look back! 

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas, Tim Huskey