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Today’s guest has been gracing our screens for over thirty eight years, making his debut in 1983, as Barker, in the film, The Man Who Wasn’t There. Whether it’s on the small screen, or the big screen, Ron Canada has been entertaining fans for a LONG time, and doing such a great job at it! We had the opportunity to speak with Ron about a film that we’d already done an episode on, The Empty Man

“On the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity.”

So, of course the interview was specifically geared towards The Empty Man, but we couldn’t have this tenured of an actor on the show without going into the rest of his career as well. From Cheers, and Star Trek, to Adventures in Babysitting and Crown Heights, there was a TON of different projects to talk to him about! If you’re not familiar with what Ron does, just pick your favorite genre, and I’m sure that he’ll have some kind of project that fits into that genre, specializing in judges and detectives! Make sure you go check out his part in The Empty Man, then our episode on the subject, and then this interview! 

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