A Deadly Legend Interview

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Are you all ready for another very fun horror movie to put on your list, on your countdown to Halloween!? Today we are bringing you an awesome interview for the perfect movie for that Halloween countdown! We’re talking about a horror movie called, A Deadly Legend!!

A Deadly Legend stars Kristen Anne Ferraro, Lori Petty, Judd Hirsch, Corbin Bernsen, and many more awesome characters!! A Deadly Legend tells the story of a haunted summer camp! Not only that, but an unearthed a “Stonehenge” type of monument in the United States, that also brings with it, some unearthly ancient forces!! The official synopsis is:

Joan Huntar, a real estate developer, buys an old summer camp. It turns out that the property was once inhabited by a rogue sect of pagans with a dark history of sacrificial worship. A celebration weekend with friends (and way too much beer) turns deadly when construction uncovers a mythical Stonehenge of America. Deadly spirits are awakened and kill to gain control of the supernatural gateway. Joan and her family must fight for survival and defeat the spirits from beyond. This campy tribute to classic horror thrillers will take you for an entertaining ride filled with suspense, scares, chaos, and laughs.

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