The Lost Symbol Series

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Well, this was quite the surprise today!!! As a fan (in varying degree’s as the sequels went on) of the original movie, starring Tom Hanks, I was VERY excited when I saw this pop up as something that was coming “soon” from Peacock. As has been history with the original series, this show has ben retconned into a prequel series. When in all reality, Dan Brown created this to be the the third book in the series. Starring Ashley Zukerman, Langdon is brought into a Masonic scavenger hunt!

Originally, the book order went:

1. Angels & Demons
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. The Lost Symbol
4. Inferno
5. Origin

It was supposed to be third in line, representing a time in Langdon’s life, after he’d had his run ins with the Vatican. What has been exciting, at least to me, is actually what they’re doing with this series, and what has already been done in the movie series as well. They’re able to keep the story that Dan Brown wrote, while changing the timeline of events. It will be exciting to get to know a younger Robert Langdon, shape himself into the older Robert Langdon that a lot of people already know and love! Make sure you check out the trailer, and let us know what you think about!!