Denver Comic Con Day 2 Wrap Up

You go into every day hoping that it is going to be awesome. When it is a day at a con you hope that you will get to meet someone amazing, or that you will see something that blows your mind. I go into every convention with high expectations that we will talk to some of the best and brightest, but I never could have expected today.

We got to the convention early and were able to get onto the floor a full half hour before we were expecting to. We were looking at our busy day but we had a little bit of time to kill before the whirlwind started. So we walked over to our good buddy Tim Husky’s (@agrovatedartist) booth and talked about his new career as a porn artist. As we stood there waiting, I got a text about my Conan sketch from Terry Moore, and went to pick it up. It is exactly what I had hoped it would be, I love it!

It was time to hit the ground running, right of the bat we chatted with Joe Eisma of Morning Glories and Big Trouble in Little China. It is hard to have any kind of energy day 2 of a con, let alone first thing in the morning but he managed it.

Then it was across the floor to chat with Matty Cardarople. We were thrilled to see him. Our chat with him was understated and hilarious. I hope that he makes it into season 3 of Stranger Things (he literally could give us no spoilers and implied that he would be kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location if he did). Something happened right before we went into the interview that would change our whole day.

As the door to the interview opened I saw that DMC was sitting on the couch finishing up and interview with someone else and I blurted out, “Holy shit, that is DMC.”

Our contact with DCC then asked me if I would like to interview him, to which I politely and respectfully responded, “Uh, fuck yes.”

The wheels of fate were set in motion.

We finished the Matty C. interview and then sat down with Pamela Ribon. Screen writer for Wreck It Ralph 2, and writer of the amazing roller derby comic book Slam! She was phenomenally funny and wonderful to chat with, and it made me very excited for the panel that I was going to moderate on roller derby with her later in the day.

Next up was Mairghread Scott. It is awesome to get to talk to creative people about their craft, but it is also a lot of fun when you get to talk to them about parenting, and how it has effected their craft. It is a fun interview that I can’t wait for you guys to hear.

Onto the first panel of the day Marvel Comics Creators Through the Years. This was a wide ranging discussion with Arthur Adams, Chris Stevens, Todd Dezago, and Ron Wilson. A lot of great audience questions kept this one moving. It was a lot of fun, and Arthur Adams is the perfect level of curmudgeon.

Shortly there after we got to sit with Gene Ha who has had his art in pretty every major DC property, as well as working with Zander Cannon and Alan Moore on Top 10. He is the kind of person that these 15 minute interviews are far to short for. I want to know so much more about his new book Mae, but I just didn’t have a chance to ask much more. We’ll have to get him on the show some time soon.

So we were up against it. This was our big opportunity. We had been told the time to show up to the secret door. One of the manager of the Media people led us into an upper room, and we were told to set up and wait for the one and only Darryl McDaniels, AKA DMC. Sitting in the room waiting for him I was giddy with anticipation, and DMC did not disappoint. He is my favorite kind of interview. You ask him one question, and he tells you a story. I learned about his childhood, his struggles with depression, how he learned he was adopted at 35, and I even got to listen to equate his person as DMC to being a super hero.

As a Patreon supporter ( you can see video of this interview today. Trust me, you want to.

After the interview I was flying high, and we headed down to talk with Sanya Anwar. She is fantastic and engaging and exactly the breath of fresh air that the comics industry need, and her art is something else.

Finally it was the panel on Roller Derby with Kat Leyh, Kiwi Smith and Pamela Ribon. This was a fantastic panel full of love for a sport that has become near and dear to my heart, but it included a bit of sadness.

Recently a local team the Boulder County Bombers lost their track to a fire, and while insurance my cover most of it there was also skater’s gear that was lost and other cost associated with the clean up, so we talked about how you can go to and learn how you can help their team recover their track!

What a fucking day, and we have a whole new day of adventure that starts in just about five hours for me! Until tomorrow.