Monday Floppy Copy – Superman Red Son

Hello, and welcome comrades. This week on a very special and somewhat Ukrainian edition of Floppy Copy, we discuss Superman… Red Son. That’s right fellow common worker and probably impoverished member of this socialist party, it is time to grab your Ushanka’s, and sharpen those sickles, that’s right fellow communists its hammer time. 

Written in 2003, Mark Millar’s Elseworlds limited series is a 3 part What If story in which Superman is raised in a somewhat unfamiliar setting and time period. No longer american baby Kal-El, baby-El instead crash lands, and is raised in a Ukrainian collective farm. Socialist Super Power, Superman now takes the place of nuclear weapons as the major Cold War deterrent in the 1950’s as America scrambles to find and implement their contingency plan. Red Son spirals into all kinds of cool shit from here, Lex Luther enacting a plan 40+ years in the making alternate versions of DC favorites such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, this story gives a detailed look at a different world and how our beloved Man of Steel conforms and confronts when raised inside.

I’ve tried writing more about Superman Red Son, but in the off chance some of you haven’t read it yet, I really don’t wanna spoil anything. Especially the ending, which I have exposed literally none of here. This is one of my all time favorite comic stories period and not Just Superman Stories either. What I love most about Mark Millar’s take on this “what if” story is that Superman’s main character attributes stay relatively unchanged here. This isn’t an entirely different character with major differences to why and how he’s does things. There are simply different motivations and surroundings for this Superman. Time, and a different cultural outlook on leadership and society do produce a difference, however but this Superman is still very recognizable to fans of the character.

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