source url We know you are loyal fans, that would never ever listen to another podcast. Just in case you were curious about other podcasts (which we know you aren’t), “There Are Other Podcasts?” Will review some of the podcasts that we think are fun and interesting, but not as fun and interesting as our podcast of course. If you would like us to give you a listen shoot us an email at source url Radiolab Presents More Perfect – Radiolab is one of my favorite NPR podcasts (FYI you will probably see more than a few of these in the article over time). They have a really great way of taking an interesting story and coming at it from a scientific angle that is really hard to top or duplicate. When host Jad Abumrad decided that he wanted to learn more about the Supreme Court (something that he didn’t really know anything about) he started the show More Perfect. source Finishing their second season in January they have created some of the most interesting podcasting I have ever heard. The ideas that the Supreme Court deal with are beyond complicated, and in the same way that Radiolab will look at a story from so many different sides, each episode looks at each Supreme Court case that it is discussing from every angle. Often by the time you get to the end of the episode you can see why each side thinks that they are right. source Covering everything from the Death Penalty, to Gun Rights, to Citizens United, there are episodes that deal with the heavy weight subjects that the courts face. There are also episodes that deal with the theft of a Justices writings from the library of congress, or how much more often the female Justices are interrupted on the bench. There are so many fascinating stories that surround the court and the cases that they have come before them. go i binged this show at work over the course of two days, it is some of the most mind expanding, educational and entertaining listening I have done in quite some time. Each episode is engaging, nuanced and wonderfully produced. If you want to learn about how our country works from a legal perspective you can’t go wrong with listening to More Perfect from Radiolab

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