TOTLB 238 Doyle Can’t Use a Cam

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This episode starts with a little bit of chaos!! Gabe went out of state, and Juan’s kids started school so we opted to have a social distant set of episodes!! That is much easier until we come to the live episode, which this was! Cam’s weren’t working, we started a new trial, it was a fury of craziness, in order to get us all together again!!

SO, as you all know, at the end of our recording sessions, we always do a live session. During the live sessions, we turn to you, the listener in order to try and give us some topics to speak about! This episode is no different, and we even got a listener from Baltimore to chime in!! Hopefully you all will join us in the future!!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas, Tim Huskey