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The show we’re talking about today has been many years in the making! With a much newer explosion of TV shows that are coming out of the Disney machine, Marvel has been putting out so much more content lately. One of those shows is of course, the brand new series, She Hulk!!

“In She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany)—an attorney specializing in superhuman-oriented legal cases—must navigate the complicated life of a single, 30-something who also happens to be a green 6-foot-7-inch superpowered hulk.”

It has come with its own set of controversies which we don’t care about, but you’re more than welcome to google if you are. This was meant to be a silly, 4th wall breaking, show, and we think it accomplished this task pretty well. Of course, it has its flaws that anything else, but it’s definitely worth the watch. It’s all about Jennifer Walters accidentally being turned into a Hulk, and having to traverse the legal world with this reputation! We get a lot of really cool cameos, and some pretty funny villain sequences. Watch it, and make up your own mind!

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