Us – Review

cr: Claudette Barius/Universal Pictures


(Spoiler free review)

cr: Claudette Barius/Universal Pictures

A 2019 film directed by Jordan Peele starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Elisabeth Moss. First off to say this movie is a “horror” wouldn’t be accurate, while the film is undoubtedly creepy as hell it’s more of a suspense thriller. Jordan Peele knocks this movie out of the park. The pacing, plot, character dynamics, and underlying messages about modern society are all as near to perfect as one can find these days in movies. Before you have reservations about not watching because I just said “underlying messages about modern society,” don’t worry. At no point during the film does any of it seem ham fisted or forced. Unless you’re looking for them intentionally, you probably won’t even notice them anyway. Mid-review rant over. You are never comfortable during this movie. A level of anxiety is set very early on and only continues to grow as the film progresses. Oscar winning Lupita Nyong’o’s performance portraying two different characters is amazing, going from terrified mother to murderous doppelganger. The methodical pacing is crucial to this movie. While some people may find this film slow to start, that fact is very much on purpose. Over all the film’s final crescendo will leave you thinking and discussing about the ending for not only your ride home afterwards, but maybe even for a few days like myself.

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Sarcastic spoiler free review by: Tim Huskey