Floppy Copy – Swamp Thing Winter Special Review

This weeks comic book review is more so an introduction to how I will be reviewing comics in the future than a review of said comics in the present; I would review comics in the past, but I am unsure on how to accomplish this. Regressive hypnotic therapy to uncover how I felt about a comic the moment I actually read it? A future option perhaps but I digress, so if you the reader gets what I’m laying down here, that’s right I set it on down, now its on you to pick it on up, that’s right pick it on up. Follow along with me as its time to dive head first into the method, whilst skulking behind the madness of “This Week on Floppy Copy”
Now don’t let the name full you this weekly review is about what I am reading, when I am reading it and how I wish to slang it, this is my comic book review dick, and I will slang it with impunity. One week you might get a little new shit POW right in the kisser, something from the Golden Age perhaps? BLAM, center lane uppercut to the taint! That’s right, FREEDOM! Now what this doesn’t mean is that I am un-receptive to your wishes or requests. This Week on Floppy Copy review show and variety hour is kinda like Airport Security, if you see something say something Mother Fucker! Your interests on upcoming titles as well as back issues you want the story on but lets face it, your probably to lazy or busy to give them a read on your own, and yeah I might got the time for that. Who knows I might not, But you can ask or comment and I for one hope that you will.
This shit should come out every Friday and I am committed to that deadline, also in the future ( JUAN ) I will get this to you not on Friday as I am doing right now. Like maybe Wednesday, but you guys wont read it till Friday. Thatss right, your getting a behind the scene look at the making of This Week on Floppy Copy! It’s really not that exciting, I’m in my boxers drinking Cherry Coke with my Macbook Air in front one of those fake ass Amish Fireplaces. its fucking sexy in here.
I didn’t want leave your without any kind of Comic book review here so daddy got a little something for ya. Takes care of my babies and you know this!
Swamp Thing Winter Special #1
“Tom King and Jason Fabok pay tribute to the legendary creators of Swamp Thing, writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, as they join forces for an earth-shattering Swamp Thing passion project!”
I know some online reviews walk you page by page through the story but I will never do that,it just kinda feels pretentious to me, like here dummy its the page, and this is what you should think about that page. Also I assume that one day, if you haven’t already you may wish to turn these pages for yourself. That being said there really isn’t a lot to review about this book in my opinion, Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 is just good, the writing, the art, the pacing of the story, and emotion on the page, this is vintage Swamp Thing. If you’re a friend of the Green, (Yeah this could have multiple meanings ) this is probably a must read and dare I say it the best Swamp Thing book in quite some time now. The self contained story has two very minor flaws in my opinion so minor in fact that I wont even mention them. This book is so easy to spoil, and if you pay close attention as you read the twist at the end wont even leave you that surprised. Which is  something I normally disdain about movies and comics but here its totally fine. Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 is gimmick free writing and beautiful illustration. Just read it and tell me what you think I doubt you’ll regret it.
-Doyle Daniels