Floppy Copy – The Phoenix Resurrection

Phoenix Ressurection 1-5
This week on Floppy Copy, Old Man Logan, more like Owned Man Logan, Creepy Bio-Dome of the Dead your coffee is terrible, and oops Jean’s done it again, she’s back from the dead, and Marvel casually kills Cyclops with Mutant Super Aids… Again… WTF! ( Scott seemed suprisngly unimpressed. see below )  ( Cant this dude die in battle or something already, get with it Marvel he’s put in the time show that brother some love! )

Alright I sorta went into crazed state of mind there trying to rhyme the story to year 2000 smash hit “Oops!… I did it again,” by Brittany Spears. “Why?” you ask… And to you I may respond “Why not?”

Phoenix Resurrection came with more than your usual new storyline/arc hype. Jeans back bitch, and she’s here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and for a couple of years now Marvels been all out of bubble gum. The return of Phoenix this time feels right and needed, No Phoenix Five here ladies and gentlemen, Hope Summers who?

The real Mutant Messiah is back and her shoes really could not have been filled by any other X-Man than Jean Grey herself. Arguably the most beloved X-Man of all time is back from the dead with the Phoenix Force being responsible for her resurrection. This latest Marvel Legacy Event was a return to soul for the X-Men and dare I say it maybe just maybe Phoenix will rekindle the fire of arguably the greatest super hero team Marvel has ever produced. Oh Baby oh.
Final Thought: Honestly this mini series surprised me, it was overly long, 3 issues woulda done this run just fine. The rotating cast of artists left a little to be desired for me as visually the series struggles to find its look over the 5 issue series., That being said the book looked very good for the most part and Khoi Pham really closes out the series on a strong note. Matthew Rosenberg impressed me here as well. This story just feels fun to read. It feels like an X-Men story of old anchored with a lot of good that the current stuff as well. II have zero serious problems here and personally I’m very much looking forward to X-Men Red as we continue to explore the stories a newly resurrected Jean Grey opens up in the Marvel Universe. Please if you have read the the books Id love to hear your thoughts and maybe interact a bit , have a little back and forth if you will on the subject at hand. Strong 4 outa 5 Marthas here from me!