There Are Other Podcasts? – Your Mom's House

There Are Other Podcasts?
We know you are loyal fans, that would never ever listen to another podcast. Just in case you were curious about other podcasts (which we know you aren’t), “There Are Other Podcasts?” will review some of the podcasts that we think are fun and interesting, but not as fun and interesting as our podcast of course. If you would like us to give you a listen shoot us an email at:
Your Mom’s House with Christina P. and Tom Segura –
So if you are a fan of Thinking Outside the Longbox (which if you aren’t weird, and how did you end up here), you are probably a fan of jokes about wieners and poop. You probably think that those kinds of jokes are hilarious (and if you don’t…again really weird). So if you want to hear some sex jokes about ball hogs told by two hilarious comedians that are often joined by their comedian friends than you need to start listening to Your Mom’s House.
Christina Pazsitzky (yep, that is why she goes by Christina P.) and her husband Tom Segura spend their time talking about their lives, the shows that they like to watch (current favorite seems to be Age Gap Love), and crazy videos that they find on the internet; all the while riffing brilliantly comedic. With their self proclaimed “7th Grade” brand of humor they are like listening to a couple of your asshole friends be pricks about the crap they found on YouTube.
Add into the equation interviews with other comedians and you end up with a show that is pretty much as good as ours (not quite of course) with a very similar comedic tone. This show is a blast with the kind of vulgarity that we have all come to love. Check this out, the humor here is spot on, and if you haven’t heard of these two, you will walk away fans.