What up, and TGIF Mother Fuckers? The weeks go by so fast, and I be missing my babies, and source remember childrenz a Floppy a day keeps SnowFlame at bay! “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!” watch SnowFlame the Cocaine Snorting Super bad Created by non-other than Steve Englehart himself, you know the creator of such Memorable Characters as Kilowog or Star-Lord, ahh if at first you don’t succeed. Dude literally sold the concept of Cocaine making you cooler and stronger to young children… In the late 80’s… Da Fug? Honestly thought this is the Justice League movie I’m dying to see! Wonder Woman all Cracked out on the corner, Flash shacking so bad he’s passing through walls and shit. Batman with his here follow pimp hand strong you know lighten up that DC Drudgery a bit. This Week on Floppy Copy I wanted to jump back into one of my all time favorite series Mind MGMT, Writer, artist, and creator Matt Kindt really blew me away with this title in 2013 and as I give it another read here, its not hard to remember why. Volume 1 contains issues 0-6 and in Hard Copy you can pick this book up for around twenty bucks or less on eBay. Or from your local Comic Book store… Jon has one of those. (Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles.) You may want to call first though not sure he keeps Mind MGMT in stock. enter site If you enjoy True Crime, Corrupt Government Organizations, Mental Powers, and Secret Agent like shit then this book may just be right up your alley, Follow main Character Meru, as she struggles to unravel the truth in her search for the missing passenger of Amnesia Flight 815. A True Crime writer by profession Meru down on her luck and 2 years removed from her last best seller unravels a world of Spies, Secret Government Organizations and a former top agent Lyme as she finds what she’s looking for a-la Matrix 2 like curve ball to wrap up the arc. “Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.” get link Mind MGMT issues 0-6 is written in such a way that if you want to dive deeper into the world you most certainly can but if you just want a quick read and new universe to explore Volume 1 will serve you just fine in that capacity as well. So do me a favor, just read this book! and then let me know what you think. The art does throw some people, but personally i love that rough water color look, but Don’t take my word for it, 4 out of 5  MARTHAS couldn’t agree more!